Your Impact

The Altruist Accelerator: an intensive 10-week organizational performance boot camp, followed by long-term mentorship and support, for a cohort of 10-20 nonprofit leadership teams who are ambitious to grow their impact.

How is the Altruist Nonprofit Accelerator unique? 

While our program is inspired by the most successful business
accelerators, the Altruist Nonprofit Accelerator:

  1. helps you solve the unique governance, program and revenue challenges of 501(C)3 organizations;
  2. helps nonprofits of all sizes and stages of maturity, not just startups; and
  3. accepts nonprofits of all mission types, including social justice, the arts, education, health, human services, environment, and others. 

What is an accelerator?

There are hundreds of business accelerators in the private sector, but no more than a handful in the social sector. Read this for a short overview of the space, and see Y Combinator for one of the first and most successful.

Is the Altruist Accelerator right for you? Find out: Click here for a complete FAQ. Click here for an outline of the curriculum. And if you still have questions, reach out.

Donald Summers

Founder & CEO
"Altruist Partners, the management consulting firm I founded in 2006, has catalyzed dramatic gains in growth and impact for a long list of nonprofits across the US and around the world. Now we've founded a nonprofit arm, this Accelerator, so my team and I can share what we've learned with the entire social sector in a way that's both effective and affordable. Join us. Let's make the world a better place."

After graduating from Middlebury College and Harvard University, Donald’s tenure as a nonprofit executive and foundation CEO developed his leading-edge insights into how to catalyze nonprofit success. Doctoral research at the University of Washington further refined these discoveries and laid the groundwork for founding Altruist Partners, a global nonprofit management consultancy, and the methodology behind the Altruist Growth and Impact Platform, a developmental toolkit that consistently leads to 25% annual gains in nonprofit growth and impact with nonprofits around the world. In addition to his speaking, presentations and media appearances, his articles and scholarship have been published by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, The Stanford Social Innovation Review, the Chronicle of Higher Education, and other respected journals and publications.