Finally, a Clear Roadmap to Organizational Success

The Better Way

There’s a better path to organizational success. Our most urgent social challenges are being addressed every day by thousands of dedicated nonprofits like yours in communities across the nation, but too often, there’s just not enough resources to meet the need. Especially these days, it can be hard for nonprofits just to keep the lights on. You know the story.

Running a nonprofit is hard, and growing a nonprofit’s impact year after year is especially difficult. But if you want to truly succeed and maximize your impact, you need to access to multiple domains of expertise long separated by entrenched cultural barriers and silos of expertise. Now, with the Altruist Accelerator as your guide, you can capture an integrated set of leading-edge practices for your nonprofit to achieve new levels of impact and growth, including:


Governance and management practices to build and maintain an effective board and select and nurture high performing staff and volunteer teams.


The operational, technological, and cultural acumen to bring everyone together as an effective, efficient, agile enterprise.


Strategic, programmatic and technical acumen needed to design and deliver products, services and interventions that solve social problems in the whole, not just at the margins.


Disciplined financial practices necessary to run efficiently and capture the diverse range of capital and operating revenue distributed across a complex, dynamic landscape.

From Startups to
Mature Organizations

For-profit leaders have long enjoyed comprehensive, integrated supports for their enterprises, from MBA programs to thousands of business incubators and accelerators. While there are hundreds of for-profit business accelerators in the United States, there is only a small handful that accept nonprofits, with the Altruist Nonprofit Accelerator being the first we know of to exclusively serve nonprofits of any mission (social justice, arts, education, health, human services, the environment, and others) and at any stage of growth, from startups to mature organizations looking to get to the next level. 


The ALTRUIST NONPROFIT ACCELERATOR is inspired by the top business accelerators such as Y-Combinator and successful business mentoring networks such as MIT’s Venture Mentor Service. It is run by expert nonprofit management consultants with field-leading track records of catalyzing nonprofit growth and impact. And it delivers a complete platform of nonprofit-specific growth and performance methodology proven to launch and sustain dramatic increases in impact and growth, tailored for your unique challenges.